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IMD world
competitiveness ranking

The Management Institute of the Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Indonesia (LM FEB UI), on July 4-6, 2022 visited and discussed with the IMD...

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Lembaga Management’s annual meeting

LM FEB UI is committed to the company's focus on providing valuable insights and strategic solutions to help clients achieve their desired outcomes.

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Celebrating 60 years of excellence

Established in 1963, Lembaga Management (The Management Institute) was originally a continuation of the Executive Development Program held in 1959 sponsored by the Ford Foundation and the Faculty of Economics, University of Indonesia.

In its development, the institute is then heavily involved in various management consulting projects, thereby strengthening its position as one of the leading management consulting services company in Indonesia.

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We deliver the way of your choice

We’ll help you introduce tools and processes, and new ways of creating value to enable your organization to adapt to changing customer needs. We drive mindset change, innovation, data-driven scale-up, and growth.

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Co-developing transformation strategies and plans.


Co-designing growth strategies (innovation - expansion).


Coaching key stakeholders to propel them to higher levels.


Supporting the team throughout the execution.

Digital and agile transform

Lembaga Management plans to use the metaverse platform to introduce new digital practices in the corporate learning business line, knowledge management, employee recruitment, and succession planning.

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Latest management thinking

As a management consulting services company, the existence of Lembaga Management is Basically meant to be a partner company in solving management-related problems, through research, consultation and training.

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LM FEB UI Virtual Reality Content Competition

Lembaga Management Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis...

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