LM FEB UI Virtual Reality Content Competition

Lembaga Management Fakultas Ekonomi dan Bisnis Universitas Indonesia


LM FEB UI Virtual Reality Content Competition

In commemoration of the 60th Anniversary of LM FEB UI, a VR Competition transpired. Visual creators have gathered to convey their critical thinking regarding the future business industry.

Using Immersive 3D animation or 360° live-action video, describing business process from one of economic sectors in Indonesia.

The best content will be integrated in LM FEB UI Digital Ecosystem, intended for the advancement of the management consulting industry.

The winners:

2nd place: TIM MEDIV
3rd placce: FAJRUL FALAH

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E-mail: digitalcontent@lmfebui.com / sekpim@lmfebui.com 

WhatsApp: 0896-4747-3440

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